We at O Sunoh are the largest audiobook producers in India where talented authors like yourself get to self-publish your audiobooks. We at O Sunoh aim to bring audiobooks to the Indian mass-market and start an audiobook revolution. Come record your books in audio format as we support every genre of books from children’s audiobooks to thrillers and everything else including animated audiobooks. Let’s work together to bring about the next cultural renaissance in India.

We are all about supporting independent artists who believe in the power of self-publishing. Therefore our publishing process is streamlined and simple and that is why O Sunoh is for anyone passionate about audible art and audiobooks.

Here are a few common questions about audiobooks and audiobook production in general

Audiobooks are one of the most popular ways to read a book in India. Studies suggest that the Indian audiobook community is set to reach 10 crores by the end of 2022.

Audiobooks are more profitable than paperbacks simply for the fact that audiobooks can be created cheaply without compromising quality, making the production costs nearly zero. And as audiobooks are perfect for several scenarios like working out, commute etc audiobook engagement is far higher than regular books.

Audiobooks are definitely the future as the rise in listeners see a tenfold increase each year making them one of the fastest-growing forms of art, right after the OTT series. And as the saying goes “the early bird gets the grain” you must be ready to grab this unique opportunity of becoming a pioneer audiobook author in India.